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Since we, BOWOO, were established in 1988, we have been producing the endless felts for different kinds of industrial uses for
Textiles, Steel, Tannery, Aluminum extrusion, Laundry, etc.

We are exporting our products products to over 25 different countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, U.K, China, India, Pakistan,
Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Brazil, Japan, East Aisan countries, etc and we have got a best reputation for Quality, Price and Delivery
time etc.

Bowoo’s goal is the incessant technology development in the specialized field and challenge toward the undeveloped field.

Keeping the new mission of establishment of Techno Korea in mind, Bowoo will rewirte its history with the goal of upgraded
technology and quality.

Jul. 1988 Established BOWOO Co., Ltd


Mar. 1933 Selected Export promising the Small and Medium corporation


Oct. 1997 Awarded prime minister prize in the 2nd Small and Medium corporation technique contest


Mar. 1999 Acquisition of ISO 9002 Certification
Jun. 1999 Appointed Ultra Small and Medium corporation from the Technique Credit & Guarantee Fund
Oct. 1999 Appointed Venture corporation from the Daegu & Kyungbuk Small and Medium business administration


Jun. 2000 Move into Seong-seo Industrial Complex(Owned, Factory site 6600m2)
Aug. 2000 Registration of technique Laboratory


Jun. 2002 Acquisition New technique certification(NT MARK) from the technique standard Dept. of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Aug. 2002 Registration of BOWOO ENTECH Corporation


Nov. 2003 Awarded Model administrator prize in “The Textile Celebration Day”(Prime Minister Prize)
Dec. 2003 Appointed INNO-BIZ(Technique Innovation) Coporation(The Small and Medium Business Administration)


Aug. 2006 Certificate Of The Part Specialty Company

  2008   Dec. 2008 Performace a task of “Beneift-Sharing” and Registration of supporter with POSCO
  2011   Nov. 2011 Awarded Small & Medium business Grand prize
  2015   Jul. 2015 Moved into Technopolis